The Dream Box are:

Federico Madeddu (Keyboard, guitar, vocals)
Gianluca Damiani (Guitar, vocals)
Lorenzo Mirra (Bass, backing vocals)
Lorenzo Politi (Drums, vocals)

a Pop Rock band from Rome, Italy
active since 2013 and playing both covers and original songs, written by everyone of them.

It all started in 2013 between the high school, when Gianluca Damiani (guitar) and Irene Rocchetti (vocals) decided to start playing together. They had their first rehearsals in early 2013, contacting Federico Rossi on bass and Federico Saccoccio on drums. After several months of rehearsals, in the end of that summer, Ivan Di Cola, who was member of other projects in which also Gianluca played, joined the band to replace Federico Rossi and, provisionally, Lorenzo Politi, guitarist from Perspectives Of A Circle (Kingscross at that time), joined replacing Federico Saccoccio. Lorenzo subsequently became a permanent member of the band, which initially was looking for a rhythm guitarist to enhance its sound, choosing first Lorenzo Mauro and then Alessandro Lambrilli, but they both left the band after a few months of rehearsals. Then they changed direction and began looking for a keyboardist, so they found Marco Olivo shortly after. In March of 2015, Irene left the band, which found itself in a deadlock for a time when they were looking for a replacement. The attempts proved unsuccessful so the remaining members of the band decided to start singing, focusing on the diversity of their voices and on vocal harmonies. In October 2015 Marco Olivo was replaced by Federico Madeddu.
In 2017 Ivan leaves the group and in his place gets Lorenzo Mirra.

Musical influences:
Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Rush, Dire Straits, Toto, Muse, Bon Jovi, Dream Theater etc.