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Odd Story [Explicit]

Believe in yourself young man

Yes, I know that it’s not easy

‘Cause life, she fucks you every time

And you just don’t know how to come out

You saw yourself growing up

In front of that mirror

Your problems faded out with your face

That made everyone

Say with an upset look

"he’s mad"


Dream on kid in your last golden years, in your splendid world

Where even looks can touch and refuses hurt too much

But your magic madness hasn’t gone

Has stayed with you every time saying "never mind"

But she condemned you because of this masked world

Full of emptiness and gloom

And so you get lonelier everyday more

But dreams come true little odd


So that’s what reality really is

Madness heals your soul with a special lightning bolt

Don t get lost going through the jungle of life but live it untill the last time


Words by Di Cola
Music by Damiani