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Girl On A Board

Would have had something more

Little French girl on the board

Taking one wave or two

I could have made my dream come true

Saw you at the shore in the morning

Afraid for the current coming

Talked with you with Great emphasis

Knowing you were the best in the beach

Surfing with your long Blond hair and your eyes

Color filled by the Sky


Would have had something more

A little talk or even a kiss

Your voice's a real Dream

That now I can only miss

Cause you've come back to Paris


You were another strange illusion

Another woman for my confusion

Don' t know why i thought you a treasure

But i could love it with no measure

People talking ‘bout forgetting you

But i know that your magic is true

We belong to basque country

I have the way back for iIaly

Little girl on a board, I wonder if my love’s true

Time after time I can’t come back to see the blue

Words and Music by Damiani, Di Cola